Automated Blogging Machines make money – 12% a year

An Automated Blogging Machine can create value for domains by increasing their pagerank. These domains can then be sold for higher value. We have the expertise to enhance and create values for these domains and create a healthy return of 12 percent a year.

Money invested with us goes into buying low value domains which are then enhanced and converted into income producing assets thereby enabling us to create value and income from them.

We accept small investors with amounts of $100, $500 or $1000

We pay out recurring income of $1, $5 or $10 a month. This is 1 percent a month or 12 percent a year. These payouts are guaranteed as it comes from the actual income produced by the domains in our automated blogging machines. As a matter of fact, our machine makes at least twice the amounts monthly, thereby ensuring that we are always able to maintain our promised returns.

For investors with bigger capital outlay, we can discuss joint venture terms. Please contact us accordingly.


Asset Value of Automated Blogging Machine

1st Febuary 2012                             $1399.00
1st March 2012                                $1954.00
1st April 2012                                  $1390.00
1st May 2012                                   $3404.00
1st June 2012                                  $4110.00

This Automated Blogging machine started in Mid January 2012 with an asset value of $50.00. It currently has an asset value of $4110.00. This is based on a risk-free interest rate of 12% a year. If the risk-free interest rate of a bank deposit is 1% a year then the asset value of this autoblog is $49,320.00 as you would need $49,320 in a bank deposit to produce the same income that this autoblog would produce in a year.

$41.11 might not seem to be a big amount but the fact is that you will need $49,320 in the bank at 1% a year to be able to generate an income of $41.11 a month.

If you can get a risk-free deposit rate of 12% a year, you still need $4110.00 in the bank at 12% a year to be able to generate an income of $41.11 a month.

A $20 trial – For you to check out if it really works. Please use the same paypal account that you would like to receive your monthly payments of $0.20. When you are comfortable that this really works for you, you can always scale up the nodes for a bigger monthly income. It will be 1% of the amount you choose to scale up. Select from the right panel.

We do it all for you. All you need to do is to tell us which PAYPAL account you want your payout in




Be A Forex Expert

Any one who has ventured into the real market place would definitely have an idea what a Forex is and share the many promises and possibilities this horizon can bring.

What Is Forex?

FOREX stands for the very popular Foreign Exchange Market. Sometimes, though, people associate it or equate it to mean also currencies.

Basically, forex is where people trade. The objects of the trading are the different foreign currencies. People buy and sell the currencies.

The exchange market and the trading as we know it today started in the 1970’s. It has no definite place. It has no definite location. The foreign exchange market is found wherever there is a financial center where people conduct constant exchanges and buying and selling.

To ensure definite success in this field, the main goal has to be kept in mind. The keywords to traders in the foreign exchange market are to ‘buy low and sell high.’ This is the way to get the profits coming in.

Why Are People Trading in the Forex?

More and more people are turning into the forex trading now. It has become popular once again and people want to enjoy the success this can bring.

There are also no strict requirements to join the market. Anybody can enter it and learn how to trade. Some even study beforehand to be prepared for the big trading.

Another good aspect about forex is the absence of too many fees to be able to join in. There are no commissions, no brokerage fees and no government fees.

The best thing by far is that trading can be done at home. Anyone can initiate a trade online. This spells big for people who stay at home, especially those who do not feel comfortable in engaging on online businesses. With proper training and computer with internet access at hand, success is within the bounds of the home.

How Does One Trade Successfully in the Foreign Exchange Market?

The purpose of ‘to buy low and to sell high’ must be kept in mind when trading in the forex. This will be the main vision of a trader to succeed.

The next task at hand is to know the trends. This means knowing when a particular currency will buy low or sell high. This is not mere prediction of possible turn of events.

Thus, forex requires strategies that have been tested to make sure that a decision will be profitable. There are two basic strategies employed in forex that one can learn from tutorials or from the actual exposure to the market.

The first strategy is the technical analysis.

This provides that a particular price chain reflects all the necessary information regarding the market. This entails a close analysis of the various aspects of the currency like the lowest and highest prices or the opening and closing prices.

The other strategy is the fundamental analysis.

As the name implies, it takes the overall situation. It focuses beyond the currency. It takes into account the situation of the country, economy, politics and even the rumors. Thus this requires more exposure and knowledge from the part of the trader.


The foreign exchange market promises so many possibilities to the trader. Many people may be interested in the forex but are only afraid to take the first step. This attitude should be turned around. Just have a good vision, take the necessary steps and make the forex venture a success.


Patrick Sim